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A stack is an abstract data structure that can be implemented in more than one way as long as it follows the LIFO principle (Last In First Out). Abiding by this principle means that the last element that was added to the stack will be the first element removed from the stack.

Think of a stack of dishes/plates. You add dishes to the top of the pile and you also remove them from the top. The last dish that was added will be the first that is taken off. If you were to remove from the bottom (i.e. …

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“Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat.” is the motto that I’ve found many people go by. For some, this is done intentionally in order to try to be “better” using brute force. For others, this seems to just happen, where they lose track of time and everything else around them to just focus on coding. Some may even skip the first two, getting little sleep and not eating much. Thinking that this is the key to success is a fallacy. …

Storing data in a list is a common task that is done in every programming language. The ability to manipulate that data is also essential knowledge as a programmer. In JavaScript and many other languages, lists of data are stored in arrays. Luckily for us, arrays have built-in methods that can make manipulation of their stored data much easier if we know how to use them properly. This blog will walk you through how to use some of the most essential JavaScript array methods.


This method will return a boolean value, returning true only if EVERY element in the array…

Stop what you’re doing and download these VS Code extensions right now

You’ve decided to start the journey and learn how to program. Excitedly you’ve downloaded VS Code because you heard it was the best (and you’re not wrong, don’t let the ATOM users tell you otherwise). Or maybe you’ve been coding for a longer period of time, but have you been taking advantage of VS Code extensions?

Visual studio code extensions enable you to add tools to the text editor that can help make writing code faster and easier. They are meant to help you with efficiency, productivity, and…

Senada Kadric

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